Well. I guess this is the end. I had to do a major upgrade on the server and when all was done this site wasn't working. Looking at the history, it looks like I'm the only one who has posted anything here for over a year. So it's not really worth the time for me to figure out what's wrong -- especially when it's likely that old version of PHPBB I'm running probably isn't compatible with php7, which is what the server is now running and it will be a big upgrade to make it work again.


It was fun. I kept it running for as long as I could. If you have an idea to start things up again, let me know. I'll probably check my old madslab.com email from time to time.

And maybe, one day, I'll start things up again. For now, I'm playing vainglory as MadScient1st so look me up.

Have fun and play well.

June 30 2018

p.s. Look me up in League of Legends... M4dSci3nt1st...